The Right Real Estate Agent

People don't talk about it a lot. But finding the right real estate agent can be the difference between happy, stress-free home buying or selling experience, and an unhappy, stressful experience. Founded in 1962, David S. Massey as Broker/Owner/Appraiser is carrying on the family tradition of providing ethical, honest and competent service to our community. We have only experienced agents to serve your needs. To search for Listings in the Burlington Alamance County and surrounding areas simply click here: Search 1000s of Properties .  To view only our listings click here: Massey's Listings.  To search the Triangle MLS click here:TMLS.   If you are searching for Real Estate Appraisals please click here: Massey Appraisals for our Appraisal Site. To learn more about our outstanding agents click on their name on the side menu bar. Feel free to contact us for more information or a personal appointment for us to assist you with your real estate needs. Enjoy our site!

What to look for in an agent:

First, you'll want an agent ready and able to make a fulltime commitment to you. Massey Real Estate can and will do that. We are also committed to not only the real estate market in Alamance and surrounding counties, but to the community at large.

Second, you'll want an agent with the experience needed to know the local neighborhoods, schools, market conditions, ordinances, etc. With our years of experience in the local market - We have the expertise and track record of success you need.

Third, you'll want an agent who embraces the convenience of technology without losing the personal touch. You'll love the resources available on our website and the e-mail alerts that we send, but these will never replace the time we spend with you, serving as your personal guides through this exciting process. We believe in building relationships with our clients. We also believe in building relationships with local people that service the real estate industry such as Attorneys, Accountants, Lenders, Home Inspectors, Contractors, Insurance Agents and a host of other service providers.